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Fusions view

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Export fusions

Export fusions
Fusions view

This view displays fusions identified by the TopHat-Fusion algorithm.

Global filters affect this view. Any sample-based filters set here determine what fusions appear in this view. If no sample-based filters are set, all fusions are shown.

The color of a fusion line corresponds to the chromosome its left gene is on.

The width of a fusion line corresponds to the number of samples containing that fusion.

Mousing over a fusion line displays information about it: the left and right genes, a colored line corresponding to the left gene chromosome, and the total number of samples with that fusion.

Clicking on a fusion will open a new window with either a split-view of the left and right genes, or a single gene model view if the left and right genes are on the same chromosome and close enough together.

Clicking the export button Export fusions will prepare a CSV of the fusion data currently displayed.

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