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Compare gene variants view

Note: when all variants are included, this view is not effective.

If you would like to compare genes between/among samples, clear the "Show variants excluded from analysis" filter here.

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Compare genes

This view allows you to compare a set of genes selected via DNA variants found in either individual samples or groups of samples.

Global filters affect this view. Any sample-based filters set here and/or variant filters set here determine what genes appear in this view. If no global filters are set, all are shown.

If genes are selected via individual samples, they appear in a grid of color-coded cells with genes as rows and samples as columns. Light blue cells indicate that only one sample has a variant in that gene; red cells indicate more than one sample has a variant in that gene.

If genes are selected via groups of samples, they appear as color-coded segments of a circle. The three segments represent genes carrying mutations only in the first group, those with mutations only in the second group, and those with mutations in both groups.

If a segment is clicked, a new plot appears below, showing genes in that segment plotted with (number of samples with a variant in gene) / (total samples) on the y-axis. A detail of this plot appears if you click and drag over a subset.

Select individual samples via the drop-down menu, or identify groups of samples by using the overlay with checkboxes that appears when you click "Compare groups of samples." Scroll to the bottom of the overlay to find the "Submit" button once you have selected some attributes, and repeat to create a second group.

In the grid plot, gene names can be clicked for a list of options, and individual cells can be clicked to view information about variants found in that gene.

In the circular plot, clicking a segment will generate a new plot of frequencies below. Click and drag to select a subset of that plot to view more information.

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