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Gene set variants view

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Genes-variants set view

This view shows both the frequency and type of unique DNA variants within a given list of genes. Uniqueness is determined by the combination of chromosome, reference allele, alternative allele, start position, and end position.

It also displays gene frequencies, calculated as the number of samples with a variant in that gene divided by the total number of samples. The count of samples with a variant in that gene is taken after global filters have been applied.

If a global sample filter is active, it also displays group comparisons.

Global filters affect this view. Any sample-based filters set here and/or variant filters set here determine what variants appear in this view. If no global filters are set, all are shown.

Each unique DNA variant within the selected genes is plotted with cohort frequency on the y-axis and gene name on the x-axis. Variants are color-coded by type.

The number in parentheses after each gene name indicates the number of unique variants in the gene.

In the comparison plot, if applicable, each unique DNA variant is again color-coded by type and plotted with the gene name on the x-axis, but the y-axis represents the difference in group frequencies.

The bottom plot displays gene frequencies.

All variant types can be shown/hidden with the checkboxes at right.

Drag an area of the gene frequency plot to select a subset of genes and view more information about them, and/or export data from that selection.

Clicking on a gene name will bring up a set of options for that gene: View gene model, View interactions, View chronology, and go to GeneCards page.

Clicking the "Edit gene set" button Edit list will allow you to edit the gene list in a new window.

Clicking export buttons Export variants will prepare a CSV of the corresponding variants for all listed genes.

Export data from this selection