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CNV View

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Drag an area of a chromosome to zoom in. Plot will appear below.
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Copy number variation view

This view displays the copy number variation (CNV) regions determined by log2(tumor read count/pooled normal count), keeping only those with absolute value > 0.5.

Global filters do not affect this view.

CNVs appear on chromosomes 1-22, with amplifications in red and deletions in blue.

The height of the colored bar corresponds to the count of samples with a CNV in that region, with a maximum of 33.

In the lower plot that appears when zoomed in, genes (if any) are shown on the forward and reverse strands, and below them, the individual CNVs, color-coded as above. The CNVs are positioned by copy ratio (log2(tumor read count/pooled normal read count)) on the y-axis, and genomic position on the x-axis.

Drag an area of a chromosome to zoom in on that area. The zoomed-in plot will appear below.

Mousing over a gene in the zoomed-in plot displays the gene name.

Mousing over a CNV in the zoomed-in plot displays the sample ID.

Clicking the export button Export CNV will prepare a CSV of the CNV data for the region currently displayed.

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