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Individual variant view

This view displays DNA and/or RNA variants for an individual, one patient at a time.

If a patient has more than one sample, variants from all samples are shown.

If a global sample group comparison is active, the patient IDs are color-coded by group.

Comparisons between DNA and RNA variants will be shown if a patient has both variant types.

Global filters affect this view. Any sample-based filters set here and/or variant filters set here determine what variants appear in this view. If no global filters are set, all are shown.

If a patient has only DNA or only RNA variants, the variants are split into cohort variant frequency deciles, and each decile is proportionally divided into color-coded variant type rectangles, with the counts per type indicated on each rectangle.

If a patient has both DNA and RNA variants, six plots appear, each split into cohort variant frequency deciles. The top three plots show the total counts for each decile, divided into those only in DNA, those in both DNA and RNA, and those only in RNA. The bottom three plots, divided into the same three groups, provide a color-coded display of the variant types making up each decile.

Variant types can be shown/hidden with the checkboxes at right.

For only DNA or only RNA plots, if variant rectangles are too small to display labels, mouse over them to see the counts.

For patients with both DNA and RNA, the green arrow export buttons under each of the three groups will export the variants just in that group.

Clicking the "DNA" export button Export DNA variants (if available) will prepare a CSV of the DNA variants, and clicking the "RNA" export button Export RNA variants (if available) will do the same for RNA variants.

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