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Gene sets

This view displays variant data and allows you to define a set of genes, or to select a pre-defined set, which you may then view in a variety of ways.

This view does not set any global filters.

Global filters affect this view. Any sample-based filters set here and/or variant filters set here determine what variants appear in this view. If no global filters are set, all are shown.

A plot at the top shows all DNA variants, sorted by chromosome and vertically arranged by base pair position (top to bottom). Variants are color-coded by type, and the length of the line for each variant corresponds to population frequency.

Click the "Create gene set from these genes" button to create a gene set from the genes shown in the variant plot.

Add or remove genes from a set by typing in the large text box at top left, separating them with commas or line breaks. You may also add genes by selecting them from the drop-down menu (start typing to narrow the choices).

Give the set a name, if desired, in the small text box below. This name will appear in new windows opened from this page, however it is not saved in the system for future use.

Alternatively (or in addition), click on one of the pre-defined custom gene sets to load the genes in that set.

Once your gene set has been entered, choose an option to work with it.

These four buttons: Open this set in genes-variants view Open this set in related view Open this set in chronological view Open network view open the gene set as a custom frequency view, an interactions/pathways view, a chronology set view, or a network/expression view, respectively. These buttons will open a new window when clicked.

Clicking the export buttons Export DNA variants will prepare a CSV of the corresponding variants for all genes in the set.

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