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Variant coverage view

By default, 20 base pairs on either side of the variant are shown.

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Please enter variant positions in this format: chromosome, start, end (end is optional)

Include commas between chromosome, start, end (ex: "3, 148711998, 148711998").

Include line breaks between variant positions.

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Export coverage Export data
Variant coverage view

This view displays DNA-seq coverage data for locations entered.

Only global sample-based filters affect this view. Any sample-based filters set here determine what samples are included in this view. If no sample-based global filters are set, all are shown.

Coverage data is displayed in tabular format, with samples as rows and variant positions as columns.

The count values for each sample at each position are color-coded. If a position spans more than one base pair, the minimum count is shown.

Unchecking the box below a variant position label will exclude that variant from the CSV export results.

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